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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Keeping your pool clean and clear is a matter of balance. Just enough sanitizer, enough water movement, the right pH and temperature, and regular brushing and vacuuming. It can at times seems so complicated. Relax, we understand it can be overwhelming and we are here to help keep your investment a delight and not a burden.

Maintaining the water level at the midpoint of the skimmer, coupled with routine checks and cleaning of filters, ensures efficient filtration. Regular water chemistry testing is paramount, with a focus on balancing pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels to prevent issues such as algae growth and skin irritation. Periodic shock treatments, the addition of algaecide, and proper winterization in seasonal climates contribute to a well-maintained pool.

Pool Cleaning Ideas

Immerse yourself in a worry-free pool experience with our innovative pool cleaning solutions. Our state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaners effortlessly navigate every nook and cranny, leaving your pool floor spotless. Say goodbye to manual skimming – our automated cleaning systems efficiently tackle leaves, debris, and even microscopic particles, ensuring crystal-clear water for your enjoyment.

Inspect and Empty Skimmer and Pump Strainer Baskets

Twice a week you should walk around your pool for overall inspection. During this time it is best to check your skimmers and empty as needed. Additionally, you should check your pump strainer. It is VERY important that when checking the pump strainer you SHUT DOWN the pool filter. Anytime after a windy or rainy day it is always good to check the skimmers. Failure to clean your baskets can result in possible damage to the pump

Skim the Top Surface of Water

Use a leaf skimmer to collect all floating debris, such as leaves, insects and grass clippings. This is highly encourage after days of rain or high winds. This should be done a few times a week.

Clean the Side Tile

Scrub the tile sides above the water line with a liquid or powdered tile cleaner and a brush. For heavy cleaning use only 50/50 Acid/Water mix. Remove any large debris from the bottom of the pool with a net.

Brush the Surface of Pool

Twice a week brushing the pool walls and bottom actually saves time by making the weekly pool cleaning less extensive. This will remove any standing debris your cleaner has missed and keeps your surface smooth. Use only a nylon-bristled brush so that you do not damage your pool surface.

Vacuum the Pool

The pool should be vacuumed at least once a week and even more often during windy conditions. When vacuuming, use slow, overlapping strokes. An automatic pool cleaner makes this easy.

Clean the Pool Filter

As a general rule, the filter should be cleaned (backwashed for sand or D.E. filters, cleaned for cartridge filters) when the filter pressure gauge indicates a rise of 8 to 10 pounds above the starting pressure. The minimum you should wait to clean the filters/cartridges is 3 months.

*A complete Pool Filter Cleaning should be done at least once a year.

Simple Pool Tips

Transforming pool maintenance into a breeze is simpler than you think. Regularly skim the surface to keep debris at bay and maintain optimal water circulation. Invest in an efficient pool cleaner for hassle-free floor maintenance, leaving you with more time to savor the refreshing waters.

Our Cleanings always include:
  • Maintain Water Level
  • Increase the Running Time of Your Filter to 8-12 Hours During Hot Months (1 hour for every 10 degrees)
  • Keep Trees & Plants Away From Pool or Spa Area
  • Keep Pool or Spa Equipment in Good Repair – If You Are Unsure, Please Schedule an Appointment
  • Skim Your Pool & Empty the Baskets Daily
  • Clear Out Skimmers That Gather Bugs & Leaves Daily
  • Vacuum Your Pool at Least Once a Week to Remove Debris That the Cleaner Might Miss
  • Test Your Pool Water Weekly to Maintain Clean & Safe Water

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